Forensic Audit- Cyber Forensics

Forensic Audit- Cyber Forensics

Rapid technological evolution in our hyperconnected world unleashes ever new and more potent cyber security threats to businesses cutting across industry and size. No security system is foolproof and cyberattacks can breach the strongest security set up. The material point is how organizations respond to these attacks. A strong response mechanism comprising both an immediate fix and quick and comprehensive investigation into the breach is an imperative. Time is of essence as every minute can cost both money and further security damage. It therefore calls for preparedness through a strong cyber forensics system designed, developed and managed by experts.
At MBG, our team of specialists enable our clients’ businesses to respond to security incidents with the quickest turnaround time. We identify and fix the impact, ensure that operations are restored quickly and, most importantly, prescribe steps to prevent future occurrences.

Our range of cyber forensics services include:

  • Computer Forensics,which allows for the reconstruction of events on personal computers, servers, and mobile devices. This discipline uncovers digital evidence that can provide answers for high-priority investigations related to insider threat, hacking, ransomware, and other types of security events.
  • Network Forensics,a service that focuses on monitoring network data to detect abnormal activity using signature-based and behavioral-based techniques
  • Log File Analysis, a type of investigative technique designed to collect, process, and investigate large numbers of log files from across a customer’s enterprise. This technique provides unique insight into adversary activity by revealing attack timelines and techniques.
  • Malware Analysis,a methodology to learn about the functionality and scope of malicious software to enable the design and deployment of preventive countermeasures.
  • Breach Indicator Assessments,which allow for the proactive hunting for threats on customer networks using advanced technology and lead to the mitigation of discovered threats.

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